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Experience in Hair Care

Hair Care for All Ages at Salon Eleven

About Us


Salon Eleven opened its doors in 2008 with at the goal of offering great salon services at a reasonable price.


It is a successful unisex salon with an unpretentious laid back vibe coupled with extra friendly and appreciated staff.  This combination is a hit.  We create a relaxing in-salon experience offering good advice on everything from style and hair products to the varying degree of nutrition required for your individual hair needs.


  •  We pledge to make your visit fun. It’s important to us to provide a place you can relax, share and laugh, and let your hair down.


  • We pledge to help you have healthier hair because that’s our #1 priority


  • We pledge to help keep you fashionable in and way that works for you.


  • We pledge to teach you to achieve great results at home with one on one counseling on techniques, products and frequent fun seminars in the salon. 


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