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Marked and Labeled


Sunday morning church service four years ago, I have no recollection of the message that day but when the topic was given my laser like focus went straight out the window.  My brain unintentionally started to wander; the topic of the message was Marked and Labeled.  I started to think about situations that I had been in as well as conversations that I had either participated in or just sat back and listened to.  Oh if only I had a dime for every time someone said,” No offense to you but,” I thought about organizing a group of teens and naming the group Marked and Labeled but I wanted a twist, sorta like a plot twist.  You see I wanted people to see an unexpected change or just change the way they see things and other people.  At that time I struggled with my plot twist so that idea slid out the window with my laser-like focus.


Time has passed but the conversations that I listen to have not changed only the characters participating.  At some point and time we have all been Marked and Labeled and we have all Marked and Labeled.  From where I stand, looking through my rose colored, heart shaped glasses with both eyes wide open; some of us have been Marked and Labeled a whole heck of a lot more than others.


I am a woman, Marked and Labeled.  I am African American Marked and Labeled. Single never married, Marked and Labeled, dropped out of college, Marked and Labeled and a cosmologist Marked and Labeled.  There is a great deal of division in this world and, a dividing among people, and a lot of broken relationships.  What do we do to mend us back together?  To those of you who continue to say, “No offense to you but,” I say none taken. I’m past offenses. Plot twist!


Instead of creating something for just a few I decided to create for the masses by placing Marked and Labeled on the first T-shirt of the custom line.  I ask that you wear this shirt in love of change.  Change the way you see yourself and change the way you see others.  


Look inward….


It’s time to create a new story a positive story.  What is our plot twist?

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